Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

I almost managed to get a post up this weekend. Then my crazy week spilled over. I tend not to post much about my personal life on my blog but after being asked by project patrol (who was asked by Emilyannlou) to list five controversial things about myself I might as well put some of the reasons why my blog has been lacking in … frivolity… lately as well. Tomorrow i will be going on my third make that fourth job interview in a week with a third company. I love my current job so i’m not really looking to switch but trying to save for a house on a retail income isnt the easiest thing. Also this happened this week.


Not the nails though two people now have been distracted by them when i showed them my snazzy new engagement ring. As a side note my Jamberry party that i posted about a while ago went swimmingly and i decided to become a consultant so if you want to browse the catalog feel free. Now i just have to learn that i cannot, sand, strip furniture, paint, varnish and or  play with caustic chemicals, without taking my ring off… luckily I have a lovely dancing baby Groot who appears to be made just for holding rings.



All hail king Groot

Luckily thanks to a dear friend of mine things should be back on track for my blog here shortly. I’m back on mostly day shifts (hooooray, i’m such a morning person those night shifts were seriously screwing with me) and I’ve got some projects with my friend lined up as she redecorates and refinishes some furniture in her house.

So on to those “controversial” things that project patrol passed on to me. I thought the Liebster was hard. First off let me start by saying I’m a super boring person. Secondly without trying to be all righteous, I’m just not a very judgmental person. So I don’t find a lot of things “controversial”…. But here it is I’ve wracked my brain… All of the controversy…

1. Let’s start with a big one… If anything is “controversial” about me it’s this.

I live in the Bible Belt. I was raised in an … (Let’s call it) unreligious house. In high school I attended (by my own choice) a Unitarian Universalist youth group program called Religious Exploration. We learned not only about Unitarianism (within Christianity the unity as opposed to trinity of God) and universalism (universal salvation)

A friend of mine who is still very active in the church explained Unitarian Universalism very well recently


we also learned about Christianity’s roots, Catholicism, the various sects of Christianity,  Judaism and its various sects, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism… You name it we learned it. I had the chance to speak to imams and rabbis, priests and reverends. What did I learn from all of this? I really don’t like organized religion.

I loved my church as a learning tool it taught me the difference between agnostic and atheist… Or agnostic atheist as the case may be, and in the UU church being just that is absolutely fine.

2. I do not now have, nor do I have plans to have any children. I’m pushing 30 and in a long term, stable relationship. Yes I have time to change my mind. No I’m not going to.

3. I’m a college drop out. Not just a college drop out, a drop out with about 16 credit hours left… It’s a long story I’m not going to go into it.

4. I’ve mentioned it before but i’ll do it again for the sake of new readers. I work in the cosmetics industry. I love my job. I love the products, I love the people, I love gathering information and testing things out…. You know what I hate. Urban Decay eye shadow. I know how could I? They have cute (read: contrived)  names, they have amazing pigmentation, they have colors you cant find anywhere else (and have to buy a whole $60 pallet just to get that one color). They also have the worst fallout in the industry. I understand there is a trade off. High pigmentation means a good bit of fallout. But UD is next-level, so-much-graffiti-on-your-cheeks, you look like that chick from guardians of the galaxy fall out (that was a throw back color, do they even make graffiti anymore? god I’m old). Yes they make primer, and they sell a lot of it because of this, and yes it helps… sort of… but eye shadow should stand on its own and even with primer you get stupid amounts of fallout. sooooo…… just go buy some MAC or Stila… except kitten it has just as much fallout (but it’s so damned pretty it’s worth it)… ok my product rant  is done… i apologize.

Regular programming should resume shortly


Spring Fever

Update: I would like to thank everyone for their readership, likes, subscriptions, and comments. ProjectPatrol won this giveaway and I encourage everyone to get out there and check out her amazing home improvement DIY projects. I would also encourage you to check out CaliforniaFlour (yummy food and easy DIY decorating… peppermint bark need I say more) and DarlyDarly’s wonderful outfit of the day and beauty tutorial blogs.

It never fails. When stress gets to me I get sick, and so it is again.

I said I would have a blog post up about how the lovely CaliforniaFlour awarded me with a liebster but here I lay in bed Sunday morning with no motivation and lots of cough syrup in my system.

So instead I’m going to do a quick post on what I’m going to be doing while im laying in bed sick.

A few weeks ago I “attended” an online jamberry party and placed an order with them. Now I’m obsessed. As someone who’s job it is to be judged on appearance I’ve always fallen a little flat where my nails were concerned. They are short and thin, brittle and pealing.

When I can be bothered to paint them paint lasts about a day, even with a good base and top coat.

 I’ll stick to nude polishes because this is what they look like after two days of using immense amounts of alcohol, hand sanitizer, makeup remover, glass cleaner, various creams and oils.

But then these lovely things came into my life

I don’t normally get over the moon about products. Generally because it may work for me but that’s no guarantee it will work for you. Such was the case with the fragrance I reviewed… I might like it but everyone’s nose is different. However, these are… And I can’t over state this… Amazing…

No one is paying me to say this, no one gave me free stuff to say this… I just like it. The picture above was my first try at putting them on it went surprisingly well, and super easy.

These are my current set. I’ve had them on for over a week in this picture (and they are still on now) as you can tell the added strength the wrap gives my nails has allowed them to grow out. And no it doesn’t damage them at all when I finally take them off.

At any rate I thought I would share all this information with you guys in case you’ve been on the fence about them as I was before I was invited to a party.  If you happen to brows Jamberry and want to order anything you can do so through my party here.

I also figured I would do a little give away to my readers, I have a couple accent sheets I would love to send out to someone. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite TinyBows post of the last 6 months of blogging is.