After the little paintings I did a few weeks ago I thought I might experiment some more with painting on canvas. I should preface this with the fact that it was an all around bad idea

The problem is I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to painting canvas. I can paint on faces,  you will get to see more of that next week but paint and canvas baffles me. 

I’m not sure what brushes blend well, as was the case with this first experiment. I’m pretty sure the brush I used was too stiff, so I got some strange brush strokes going on. 

I’m not really sure what order to put colors down in, this was  also a problem with this painting.   Hint; don’t try to put the blue of your sky over the yellow of your sunset or you end up with a strange green sky.

So the whole thing has been a process of learning through experimentation. 

But you guys are allowed to see my failures as well as my successes. 

I also experimented a bit with watered down acrylics the technique was cool even though I really had no control over anything

  It’s not terrible, I just don’t really like how the little cartoony mermaid subject looks… I should have known I’m just not good at figures. I’ve still got four canvases to play with so if anyone has any tips or blogs they recommend they would be greatly appreciated. 

11 thoughts on “Experimentation

  1. sweetsassymolassie says:

    When painting with acrylic on canvas you have to work super fast as the paint dries really quicklyI I find that the best starting point is to lay down your base colours first, so if you’re painting a scene with lots of sky, you’d paint your sky first, then sketch out the rest of your scene using chalk or another ‘erasable’ medium (my husband likes to use paint that’s just a shade lighter/darker than his base to do this). Then you can proceed with the rest of your painting 🙂


    • 😬 awesome!!! I didn’t even think to do things that way around,😳 as you can see. I’m having a terrible time with the drying time. Thats why I decided to try the water color technique, I need to find some sort of medium that can extend the drying time, I imagine they make them because they are used in furniture finishes with latex paint soooo?… I just haven’t bothered to do my research as you can tell. On the plus side even when I hate the finished product at least I had a fun and relaxing time making it.

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      • You may be happier working with oils very forgiving and blend-able as you are working. Downfalls: long dry time, smelly, messy cleanup. Also you should coat your canvas with a layer of white paint/ gesso prior to painting on it. Mom and I always preferred oils.


      • I think I would prefer oils I have some friends that work in them but I’m so scared of the smells and clean up. I like the ease of acrylics but definitely have some work to do


      • sweetsassymolassie says:

        I think the stuff you’re thinking of is called glossy medium, or at least the husband guesses that’s what it’s called – neither of us can remember 😛

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  2. projectpatrol says:

    If I saw these alone, without your writing, I would not think you “had no idea what you were doing”. They’re just amazing to me. I love both but, the girl lassoing the moon got me 🙂 Can’t wait to see more!

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